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We do care about sustainability, about spreading the wealth with all the involved parties in a trip and about nature and conservation. We also have a strong social responsibility policy and we contribute with non-profit partners to improve the quality of life of our communities.



Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Panamá con Elemento Natural.
If you are planning a long vacation, you will love our Costa Rica vacation packages that include your favorite destinations: you will be able to explore Costa Rica in the most authentic and natural way and you will see all the cultural and natural beauties of this tropical paradise.





Travel With Elemento Natural.
If you want to visit other countries, Elemento Natural can also take your holidays to our special travel destinations in Latin America, like Cuba, Peru or Guatemala; and some other countries in the world, always with our authentic and responsible travel style.



Take your holidays to our special travel destinations in Latin America.


Elemento Natural is your travel agency in Costa Rica to help you plan your affordable vacations, when you decide to visit and explore our country. We are a sustainable tourism company with high environmental awareness. If you travel Central America take advantage of our one day tours in Costa Rica or the short 2-3 days trips to travel like a local in Costa Rica’s main destinations; or use our guided tours to Nicaragua and Panama.


Alonso Madrigal
Operations Manager

After more than 20 years taking tourists to every corner of the country, what still thrills me like the first day is to watch the face of my passenger's astonishment at a magical moment of the tour: when they see the first monkey jumping through the trees, a sea turtle coming out of the ocean to lay their eggs, a toucan eating, a quetzal flying, the concentrated look at the conical shape of the Arenal Volcano or just when they are running in the sand to touch the ocean for the first time.  The fact that tourists leave Costa Rica with a big smile on their faces, hundreds of beautiful memories and a desire to return, makes us strive every day.  When they finally return, choosing again Costa Rica over other destinations, the time to go to the airport and pick up familiar faces is indescribable. Elemento Natural have customers that - through the years - have become friends, almost like family, they have traveled more than 10 times with us and will continue to do so as long as we keep painting that amazement in their faces at least once in each new adventure!

Roberto Lizano
General Manager

I think life is a journey, a trip where you collect experiences when you share with other people and with nature.  I have been a travel addict since my early 20’s and Elemento Natural is my personal way of devoting my life to plan trips for myself and others, attempting to make each excursion a unique collection of authentic moments!


  • First of all, the volcanoes and the Arenal Volcano, king of volcanoes that just shocked us all. Then the Poás Volcano, secret and magnificent. We were surprised also by the friendliness of Costa Ricans, and by the quality of the hotels we visited, thanks to your agency. Finally, the beauty of the flowers, the landscape and the uniqueness of the animals we found.
    André Calame
  • We had a wonderfull trip to Costa Rica and all of our guets were very very satisfied. Pls give Alonso our best! Thanks, and he is the best guide!
    Sylvi Hollstedt
    - Jan - 2016
    Linnea Reiser
  • We had a fabulous trip. The rides and hotels all worked out quite well and everything went smoothly. Thank you for all your help. It made everything easier for us to enjoy our time and not be figuring it out as we go along.
    Robert Hoffman & Angel Nawrot
    - March - 2016
  • Far and away the nicest hotel room I've ever had.....I hired a great tour guide, gave him a price range for the three days, and told him I was a princess.... Clearly he believed me. Lol.
    Alyson Crafton
    - 2015
  • We came from the United States to visit beautiful Costa Rica for 9 days. Roberto put together our entire visit and it was fantastic! Every detail was perfect. Everything was on time! Thank you Roberto and Elemento Natural!
    Linda Johnson
    - 2018


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