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Alonso Madrigal
Operations Manager

After more than 20 years taking tourists to every corner of the country, what still thrills me like the first day is to watch the face of my passenger's astonishment at a magical moment of the tour: when they see the first monkey jumping through the trees, a sea turtle coming out of the ocean to lay their eggs, a toucan eating, a quetzal flying, the concentrated look at the conical shape of the Arenal Volcano or just when they are running in the sand to touch the ocean for the first time.  The fact that tourists leave Costa Rica with a big smile on their faces, hundreds of beautiful memories and a desire to return, makes us strive every day.  When they finally return, choosing again Costa Rica over other destinations, the time to go to the airport and pick up familiar faces is indescribable. Elemento Natural have customers that - through the years - have become friends, almost like family, they have traveled more than 10 times with us and will continue to do so as long as we keep painting that amazement in their faces at least once in each new adventure!

Roberto Lizano
General Manager

I think life is a journey, a trip where you collect experiences when you share with other people and with nature.  I have been a travel addict since my early 20’s and Elemento Natural is my personal way of devoting my life to plan trips for myself and others, attempting to make each excursion a unique collection of authentic moments!

Vanessa Abarca
Communications and social media

Traveling is a growing passion. I like to discover new destinations in the thousands of options we have in my country and the world; or just go back to a place I have already been because the energy and sensations you get are different with every new experience, with any sighting of an animal or  with any person you meet for the first time or when you meet your friends once again. So, there is nothing better than communicating that passion, hoping that it will reach more and more people every day!

Laine Amortegui
US customer relations

At age 14, I traveled to Panama with my then-Spanish teacher and it was a transformative experience! Thirty-something countries later, I believe travel is the best teacher. I am a career educator and most enjoy leading students through the landscapes and cityscapes of Latin America. I believe in the experience of travel as it has the power to build compassion, cultivate cultural awareness, and broaden perspectives. Let us create an adventure for your students and help bridge their connection to the greater world!




We will treat you like family!  Customized itineraries and personalized services is what we do, so you will feel like you have a pawl helping you out putting together your dream vacation!

Responsible travel

We do care about sustainability, about spreading the wealth with all the involved parties in a trip and about nature and conservation.  We also have a strong social responsibility policy and we contribute with non-profit partners to improve the quality of life of our communities.


We are locals and with over 22 years in tourism, we are truly experts in what Costa Rica has to offer, all over the country!  Born and raised here, we have spent quite some years traveling around our country and our neighbors, that is why you can also trust us for your extension trips to Nicaragua and Panamá!