Elemento Natural is your travel agency in Costa Rica to help you plan your affordable vacations, when you decide to visit and explore our country. We are a sustainable tourism company with high environmental awareness. If you travel Central America take advantage of our one day tours in Costa Rica or the short 2-3 days trips to travel like a local in Costa Rica’s main destinations; or use our guided tours to Nicaragua and Panama.
If you are planning a long vacation, you will love our Costa Rica vacation packages that include your favorite destinations: you will be able to explore Costa Rica in the most authentic and natural way and you will see all the cultural and natural beauties of this tropical paradise.
If you want to visit other countries, Elemento Natural can also take your holidays to our special travel destinations in Latin America, like Cuba, Peru or Guatemala; and some other countries in the world, always with our authentic and responsible travel style.
If you like one of our products but would like to make a change, or if you just want to start your travel plan to Costa Rica from scratch, just let us know and we will design the perfect trip for you so you can customize your experience and enjoy your visit to Costa Rica with your friends and family!

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